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Referral contest, winner gets 6 pack of vaporizers

Whoever gets the most affiliate sign ups by January 1st gets a free 6 pack of 710Pen disposable vaporizers.

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When people click your weblink they get a cookie in their browser and if they sign up, they are your sub-affiliate. You will earn 5% commissions on everything they purchase for life. As an added bonus, you earn 2.5% from sales your sub-affiliate makes!


Stay in your network or actively recruit on all your media sites. Not everyone will win our 6 pack of vaporizers, but everyone will have the opportunity to earn a little money, or retire. It’s all up to you.

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Retail packaging on sale now!

Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce our retail packaging 710Pen’s are available now. The shipment has came in and we are shipping all day tomorrow with free shipping In the US with delivery before Christmas. Get those last minute stocking stuffers and if your friends like them, you can earn commissions for life! Start your business online, stock your retail location, or just keep a bunch around for your self and friends.

Thanks for the patience, pictures coming soon.

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Re-Bill commissions raised

We have raised our re-bill commissions from 1% to 2.5%. So when you refer a life long customer, you earn commissions for life based on 2.5% of rebills (subscription service). Of course we still offer 5% commission on people you refer’s sales, and 2.5% commission on your sub-affiliates sales.

This is a great opportunity to earn some extra income that will keep paying off. Even if you cancel your membership, you will still be earning.

To learn more about how affiliate marketing works, google around or take a look at this wiki page.

Currently membership to start earning commissions is absolutely free. In the future, new members will be required to subscribe to our minimum subscription service or higher to sign up as a partner affiliate. Take advantage today by registering at

Coming soon!

Coming soon 3 new products:

Yocan portable battery powered e-nail.

710ultron3 710ultron2 710ultron


And we will soon stock Thor! Enail’s

package includes:

710thor710v12 710thor1 710thor2 710thor3 710thor4 710thor5


And last but not least, we will carry the Yocan EXgo V1 wax vaporizer.

package includes: 1 vaporizer, 1 EXgo V1 battery, 2 extra heating elements, 1 usb line, 1 wax tool, 1 manual

710v1710v12 710v13 710v14