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Why Should You Vape Cannabis

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Why Should You Vape Cannabis

Next, what are ways on how to consume cannabis? You have the option to smoke, eat or use cannabis topically. The thing with smoking cannabis is that you are also exposed to different chemicals that are products of combustion. If you will smoke cannabis, you only get 10% of the cannabinoids. On the other hand, you get as much as 95% of cannabinoids when you vape cannabis.

How does this work? For vaporizers, the mechanism works by heating the elements not enough to cause combustion. This means the low temperature extracts the cannabinoids as vapor. According to research, the range of temperature required to vaporize cannabinoids is between 157°C to 220°C.

But of course, depending on the strain that you are using, you may have to adjust the temperature to get the most benefits from a specific type of cannabis. Here are some cannabinoids with their ideal temperature for vaping.

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