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420 smoking everywhere and anywhere

Happy 420 everyone! We hope everyone is smoking, dabbing, and eating all the wonderful edible treats out there today and everyday!!!


Where ever you may reside the laws for public consumption of weed differs from state to state. In Denver for example, many citations were given out for smoking joints and bongs in public. At we have a disposable wax/dry herb thats like a cigarette and fits perfectly in your hands and you can slip it into your pocket, your bra,  between that sexy crack of your tight ass yoga pants and you can vape anytime and anywhere DISCREETLY. Inside bars, clubs, shopping stores, at the mall, park, gym, ANYWHERE. and the best part NO LIGHTER required!!150754_992586147424733_5900379791440850498_n

Always looking for that missing lighter you just had well no more if you had a disposable pen. It works absolutely fucking amazing with WAX!! But if you can’t get your hands on some delicious honey carmel color looking wax/shatter in your area works with your sticky herb, shake, flower… rolling is great and all but this is the new wave. Cheap, easy, and fast plus no one will harass you walking down the street while you are vaping from your 710pen disposable.  Hit a DAB in public? Hell yes you can! With this pen you can DAB everywhere!! You will be in cloud 9 making huge smoke clouds and spread that 420 love today, everyday, and everywhere.


the best gift you can get someone who loves to DAB or smoke 420!!!!!

Order a 4 pack today for only $5 per pen, but we have other pricing options to meet anyones price range. Click here to order today!


Cruising for vacation this year?

If you have ever tried to enjoy your smoke on a cruise you know what it is like to try and sneak around a ship, dodging security. Before our product the only viable method to smoking an a cruise ship was to book a balcony room. A balcony room was the only way to guaranteed privacy. The trouble with this method is you can’t guarantee the other people downwind of your balcony won’t try and rat you out to security.


But now we have a much better method. Throw a few 710Pen disposables into your luggage. If they try and search your bag all they will find is an empty e-cigarette. Find a good place to stash a bit of wax to bring on board. Wax is small, compact, and won’t set off metal detectors. You can hide it almost anywhere. When you get on board load up a 710Pen disposable with a tenth of a gram of wax and enjoy almost anywhere on the ship. Don’t blow the smoke directly towards anyone and you will be enjoying your cruise. No more getting caught with a burning cig that you can’t quickly put out. Just find a quiet area, take a big rip, and walk on. You can even bring the 710Pen to shore excursions as cruise lines do not inspect departing passengers. Toss your used pen before coming back on board and reload a fresh one when you hit your stateroom.


It is that easy. You don’t need a grinder, lighter, papers, or excuses. Enjoy your vacation without the “Walk the plank” feeling. Our disposable pens are around $4, order a few today by clicking “here”


(This article is not intended to be legal advice. Please act responsibly)